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Wedding Pictures
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Wedding Photos
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This is a place to post photos of your own wedding, pictures from a wedding you attended, a really cool photo from a wedding you found online (just so none of us get in trouble for copywrite issues you might want to mention that), a wedding you photographed (if you're a professional photographer we're cool with you sharing your wonderful work as well). Please do not make posts without pictures. Posts that do not have pictures will be deleted.

This is NOT a wedding planning community. There are several helpful communities out there if you have questions (the largest of which is weddingplans). Please do not share pictures of your wedding planning, dresses you found online that you liked, or things related to planning at this community. This is a place for pictures from actual weddings only. All posts not related to real life wedding photos will be deleted.

It is ok to have one teaser photo no larger then 800x600 without a cut. All photos after the first picture must be behind the cut. To avoid political drama, we are a gay friendly community. You may post photos of same sex weddings, if you are not ok with this then this is not the community for you. This is not meant to be a strict community but to keep things in control we have to comply with the above.

If you have a question, concern, or need to report an inappropriate post, please contact the mods at the email address above.

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